Monday, April 09, 2012

6 years later UPS still drop kicking parcels across the border

By mistake a shipper in the States sent me a laptop via UPS instead of USPS and sure enough it arrived with exorbitant brokerage fees and the usual crushed box. Over the 6 years since I wrote the comment at the bottom of the page linked below, I have learned not to buy computers that do not ship in original boxes with original packing. That is the only way to reasonably expect one to arrive intact. Case in point, a 12" G4 PowerBook arrived today, original box in a second box, dropped on a corner. Dropped so hard that of the 4 supports on the bottom styro shell, 2 were flattened, and the 4th was disintegrated. The laptop is fine. Close one. Over the years USPS has gotten better, in fact I always specify USPS; however no improvement in UPS, friendly delivery folks but almost always a disappointment when the box gets opened.

UPS to Serve Canadian eBayers


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