Monday, November 13, 2006

another broken iMac - this one shipped USPS

42 days in transit, paid express for 10 to 14 days, hung in Customs, seller forgot to put purchase price value on it, it was only $20.50 US plus shipping of $64.40 (CD did not work, no OS - bought for parts) so
Canada Customs decided it was worth $250 and taxed it an extra 35$ upon delivery even tho' it was broken, badly, labeled as computer parts, no key board or mouse - sheesh!

strange shape box, no obvious top, delivery guy actually rolled it around on the porch looking for label

chunks of broken plastic all over inside

still in box, shows cracked gray crt frame

most commercial shippers have packing guide lines for computers: like 3 wraps of bubble wrap and a hand full of foam peanuts - lesson, do not buy an iMac that is not shipped in original box and packing or chemical expanding foam pillows - they just won't survive and it is sad to see another smashed 500Mhz iMac


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