Saturday, October 14, 2006

Indigo from Liz shipped USPS

case has been sprung open - minimal bubble wrap in very small box, not much padding or support to keep the iMac from moving or to absorb impacts from rough handling

dropped hard - hard enough to send the keyboard through the side of the box

top of blue case is cracked

the gray face frame below the white frame is cracked for 4 inches and lines up with crack in blue plastic, another crack is below the CRT on the same side

click on this pic to see the faint line of the cracked gray frame behind the white face frame, the crt mounting brackets are both broken on this side

bottom line, shippers may tell the seller that 3 wraps of bubble wrap are sufficient, but they are wrong, the only way to guarantee with any decree of certainty that an iMac will arrive safely is in original packing or expanding chemical foam pillows, i have bought 12 iMacs this year, the 5 that were in original box arrived safely, the other 7 did not. does not matter iof its a 25$ parts machine or a 500$ Flower Power 600 Mhz, they deserved a better fate that being smashed in transit


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